Discover Amazing Side Hustles To Pay Off Debt In 2023

If you are burdened with debt and seeking ways to pay it off faster and regain control of your finances, engaging in a side hustle can be ideal for you. Side hustles provide you with an opportunity to generate additional income that you can allocate towards paying off your debts.

Whether you’re tackling student loans, credit card balances, or other financial obligations, this article explores the best side hustles to pay off debt in 2023. 

Discover innovative and flexible ways to maximize your earning potential, bringing you closer to a debt-free future. 

What is a Side Hustle?

A side gig, or side hustle, is an extra employment opportunity outside your full-time job that provides supplementary income. Unlike a part-time job, a side gig offers more freedom. It allows you to decide what you do, when you do it, and the number of hours you put into it. 

11 Best Side Hustles to Pay Off Debt

There are a lot of side hustles out there, from flipping trending sneakers to selling off all those things in your basement that you’ve forgotten about. However, some side hustles are better than others. The best side hustles can serve as a vehicle that propels you to earn a little more income to pay off your debts. Below are the 15 best side hustles to pay off debt.

1. Starting a Blog

One side hustle I greatly recommend is starting your own blog. I recommend it because you do things at your own pace, which means you decide when to work and when not. 

One important thing to know about blogging as a side hustle is that it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. It requires time, effort, and investment. It may take 12 to 24 months before you start seeing profits from your blogging business. However, the positive aspect is that once things start picking up, you can begin earning a decent income from your blog.

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2. Online Freelancing

Online freelancing is a legitimate and excellent way to earn extra income. There are numerous opportunities to make money as an online freelancer, whether you possess skills in writing, design, reading, creating animations, video editing, or even if you’re willing to learn and develop new skill sets.

Online freelancing is my preferred side hustle. One aspect I appreciate about it is how easy it is to get started without requiring a significant investment. In fact, all you need is your laptop, internet access, and electricity, and you’re ready to begin.

Additionally, geographical boundaries are not an issue, as you can work with clients worldwide. You just need to be good at what you do.

3. Become a RideShare Driver

Driving for Lyft and Uber is an excellent opportunity to earn extra cash on the side. The sharing economy has experienced rapid growth, with Lyft and Uber leading the way.

One of the best aspects is that, as a driver, you have the flexibility to toggle your availability on and off with just a click of a button through these networks. This enables you to make extra money in your spare time, regardless of the hour.

4. Tutoring


Tutoring is an excellent way for teachers or individuals with a college degree to earn extra income on the side. I know this because I’ve witnessed many parents actively searching for qualified tutors for their children. One advantage of this side hustle is the abundance of opportunities available both online and offline, allowing you to set the schedule for your tutorials.

To find offline tutoring opportunities, you can advertise your tutorial services on social media platforms like Wyzant or connect with local schools in your area. Additionally, there are several online platforms where you can discover tutoring job opportunities. Some examples include StudyPool, Chegg, and Preply.

5. Use Your Primary Job Skill Sets To Create a Side Hustle

If you have unique and valuable skills such as advertising, programming, and others that you utilize in your main job to solve problems, you can transform those skills into a side hustle. Not everyone possesses these skills, making them highly marketable. One straightforward approach to turning your skills into a side hustle is by becoming a consultant and offering your expertise and knowledge to others.

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6. Become a Small Business Social Media Virtual Assistant

Because of the increased number of social media users, a lot of businesses are integrating social media marketing into their overall marketing strategies. Many of these small businesses need help with managing their social media accounts. And that’s why social media virtual assistance comes in.

As a virtual assistant, you will be mainly hired for admin jobs, including scheduling meetings, booking travel, and organizing calendars. The good thing about this side hustle is that all your job is remote. Plus, it doesn’t take a lot of time!

7. Create an Online Course

Do you have high-in-demand skills? If you have high in-demand skill sets like copywriting, web development, search engine optimization, etc. Then creating an online course that teaches people about your common and high-in-demand skills may just be the right way to make passive income

You can create a healthy course using platforms like Teachable and Udemy. You can make a decent passive income by creating courses that provide an incredible amount of value. How you’ll make it off this side depends on how much time you’re willing to spend creating useful and valuable courses.

8. Develop a Mobile App

If you have mobile app development skills, you could create a passive income stream for yourself. You can create an app, upload it to the Google Play Store and App Store, drive traffic to it, then monetize it using Google Admob or other app monetization strategies

There are many ways that you can monetize your app outside using Google AdMob. Though mobile app creation won’t make you rich overnight, it’ll create a steady passive income stream when done rightly.

9. Do Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is one of the legit and effective ways to make extra cash for yourself. Many pro bloggers, YouTubers, and digital marketers make money online through this business model.

Affiliate marketing means promoting other people’s products or services you’ve used and loved to earn a commission when someone buys through your unique referral link. The good thing about affiliate marketing is that it’s easy to start. You can even start with no audience

10. Make YouTube Videos or Tutorials

Becoming a YouTuber is also a great way to earn some extra cash. Though this isn’t the fastest way to create a passive income stream, it’s a sure reliable way to earn on the side. 

You only need to put in the time, energy, and effort required to create high-quality and engaging videos or tutorials. Remember, you must also put in the time to promote your videos and channels. You can monetize your videos using Google Adsense when you hit a certain number of subscribers. You can also monetize through affiliates or both. 

11. Write an Ebook

Writing an ebook is one of the oldest ways to create an additional income stream. Though it has been around long, it’s still very effective. I have not personally tried it, I’ve seen people who make six figures writing ebooks. 

Some platforms where you can write and sell your books include Amazon KDP and CreateSpace. However, keep in mind that you’re not going to start making six figures overnight writing ebooks. It takes a bit of time, but you’ll get there with the proper training and commitment.

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How to Choose the Best Side Hustle to Pay Off Debt

There’s no shortage of side gigs online or offline, but not every side hustle will be perfect for you. Here are a few things to do when selecting a side hustle.

  • Firstly, evaluate your passions and interests. Look for opportunities that resonate with your hobbies or areas of expertise. This will not only make the work more enjoyable, but it can also increase your chances of success.
  • Secondly, assess your skills and strengths. Identify what you’re good at and consider how those abilities can be monetized. Leverage your expertise to find side hustles that play to your strengths and provide value to others.
  • Next, consider the time commitment required. Evaluate your availability and determine how much time you can realistically dedicate to your side hustle. Ensure it doesn’t interfere with your primary job or personal commitments.
  • Assess the earning potential. Research your chosen side hustle’s market demand, competition, and potential income streams. Aim for opportunities that offer reasonable financial returns and scalability.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to consider the feasibility and resources needed. Evaluate the startup costs, equipment, or training required for your chosen side hustle. Make sure it’s something you can afford and access easily.

By carefully considering your interests, skills, time commitment, earning potential, and feasibility, you can choose a side hustle that brings both fulfillment and financial rewards to your life.

Best Practices For Paying Off Debts

Generating more income can help you pay off debts faster. But it may not get you to zero debt on its own. Use these seven best practices for paying off debts in conjunction with side hustles to quickly clear your debts. 

  • Create a budget: Start by evaluating your income and expenses to create a realistic budget. Identify areas where you can reduce spending and allocate more funds toward debt repayment.
  • Prioritize high-interest debts: First, pay off debts with the highest interest rates. By tackling these first, you can save money on interest charges in the long run.
  • Snowball or avalanche method: Choose a debt repayment strategy that works best for you. The snowball method involves paying off smaller debts first to gain momentum, while the avalanche method prioritizes debts with the highest interest rates.
  • Increase your income: Consider ways to boost your income, such as taking on a side job or freelancing. Applying additional funds toward debt repayment can accelerate the payoff process.
  • Negotiate lower interest rates: Contact your creditors to negotiate lower interest rates. A reduced rate can help you pay off debts faster and save money.
  • Avoid new debt: During the repayment process, avoid accumulating new debt. Cut up credit cards or use them sparingly and responsibly.
  • Seek professional advice: Consult a financial advisor or credit counseling service if your debts are overwhelming. They can provide personalized guidance and strategies to help you manage your debt effectively.

Final Thoughts

A side hustle is a great way to increase your earnings to pay off debts without worrying about quitting your primary job. While there are several side hustles out there, the ones I’ve covered in this blog post are the best and most profitable. So go ahead and pick one or two and start running to your financial freedom destination. 


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